The best gardening tips from around the web

Helpful Gardening Tips

Helpful Gardening Tips

Here we have the fantastic collection of gardening resources provided by our great community of gardeners.  If you have a blog or website that you would like including in this reference page, then please contact us, and we will consider it if it provides great gardening value.  Our contact information is in our website header.

Garden Furniture Tips

Better Home and Gardens provide valuable information on the subject of garden furniture, and their latest buyers guide has really helped a lot of our audience make the most out of their purchase:

House to home have also got an interesting piece on furniture, not quite as extensive as BHG though:

General Landscape Gardening Advice

Garden Seeker have always been our favourite specialist in this area:

Choosing the perfect hanging basket

We are looking for resources for planting hanging baskets in the spring, if anyone knows of a relevant helpful website, then please contact us!