Online marketing services

As I well know, making a name for yourself in the online marketing space is very tricky. It can lead some people to try drastic things to get attention, and not always the good kind, especially from Google moderators. That being said, as Matt Jackson demonstrates, there is clearly room for innovative young minds to make their impact on the industry in a positive way.

While working on new projects at Backlinko, I’ve often found it difficult to accurately and cost-effectively create local markup, as well as full technical audits for issues such as keyword cannibalisation, and canonical tags for international SEO clients.

I’ve found one of the best SEO consultants out there to be Matt Jackson from the UK, who constantly experiments with techniques such as linked data manipulation, experiments, and persona based marketing. He also specialises in e-commerce SEO, providing a wealth of experience to a few select clients, who make more money because of it.

I can categorically recommend his expert SEO services to those in Sheffield & South Yorkshire, and I advise any UK business looking for online marketing to contact him immediately.

John Freedman

Happy gardener, from England, with a passion for native plants and eco-friendly practices.